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  1. I was watching Premier League years today and Bruce's Birmingham played exactly like we do in the clips it showed. Hoof it or hope Muzzy Izzet does something.
  2. I had a lot of time for Joe Kinnear and echo the feeling that he was just bewildered at being called up to manage Newcastle after 500 years of hibernation.
  3. This fella is easily the most loathed football and housing manager in modern times.
  4. I never doubted Steve Bruce, I always knew his record would speak for itself.
  5. At least 10% of fixtures are kept for terrestrial TV broadcasting. I hate how football has become hidden behind TV paywalls.
  6. What a bloated disgrace of a cabbage.
  7. Pretty sure that was stolen from the movie Titanic.
  8. Hopefully the first thing that happens is the dropping of the stupid 'Big Six' tag.
  9. Americans just got played by Russia and the Middle-East.
  10. Won't someone please think of the international faaaaaaaans and their sleep schedules.
  11. TV Revenue shared equally amongst all clubs? That's communism!
  12. I've not watched Champions League since it went to BT like. I rarely watched it when it was on Sky. Paying for football is like buying an Ubisoft game.
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