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  1. They're taking walk ins only and should be fine on a week day. Was able to walk in and get a table at Pleased To Meet You yesterday.
  2. Was a lighthearted comment in a post about bookings and busyness yesterday as I'm going out today. Its not really that deep.
  3. Was not in relation to COVID, was relating to how heaving some places have looked today.
  4. Didn't know PTMY was opening, its outside bit at the back is small and it can't open out the front can it? Would block off part of High Bridge.
  5. Anyone been moronic enough to go out today? If so, what (good) pubs do you have to book at? Going for me long awaited haircut in town tomorrow and taking me dad out for a pint after, rather not trudge around the city centre looking for a pub after being told we can't go in everywhere else due to not booking.
  6. VAR has ruined the game like. I remember last season I actively didn't celebrate when Fernandez scored an 87th winner v Southampton as I thought it was going to be disallowed by VAR. Turns out it wasn't, and not celebrating a late winner is canny fucked isn't it.
  7. HaydnNUFC

    Jacob Murphy

    He's been bright when coming on as a sub and seems like he's one of the only few if not the only one who can put a decent cross in. Was awful today like minus his goal but he's not a full back. I'd say he's worth a new deal.
  8. 2. If we can win one of the games before Sheffield United then that will drop to 0.
  9. Yep. Showed why he's our best keeper today. His distribution is poor but he's won us countless points in his time here.
  10. Just can only see a maximum of 2 points from the next few games. Contrive to beat one of West Ham or Arsenal and I think that's us done. But I think Fulham have 1 more win in them for no real reason and I can't see us picking up 3 points until that Sheffield United game.
  11. Love him to bits. He's fucking class, he'll get the likes of Dyche and the Brexit brigade livid, a sound bloke and he's great for the club as a whole as he's the first player that young kids will want to pretend to be and have his name on their shirts in years. Since Ben Arfa really.
  12. Need at least one more win. Hopefully we're in a scenario where we need to beat Sheffield United to confirm survival and relegate Fulham.
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