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  1. 4 more points and we should be safe. Things will look very tight though before the Sheffield United game I'd expect.
  2. In my opinion, the game seems like it will never be in a good enough state on old-gen consoles. You're better off waiting until the end of the year when the PS5 / Xbox Series upgrade comes out and play it on there.
  3. Just completed the and I have to say this game, narratively-speaking has (in my view) completely fallen apart after such a strong opening third.
  4. Going on about expectations again. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9456743/Steve-Bruce-wont-allow-Newcastle-quietly-ahead-crunch-Burnley-clash.html
  5. "Sony’s Obsession With Blockbusters Is Stirring Unrest Within PlayStation Empire" - Naughty Dog are leading development on a remake of The Last Of Us, a game that only came out 8 years ago and has already had a (very good) remaster on PS4, seems a ridiculous waste of resources.. - Days Gone 2 has been cancelled, BEND were working as a support studio for Naughty Dog since Days Gone shipped, they are now working on their own game after leadership asked to be removed from ND's project. - Sony 's focus is on blockbusters, no more niche Japan-ce
  6. Finally playing through this, what a stunning game. In terms of big-name developers, Naughty Dog (alongside Rockstar) are so adept at handling tone in their games. How they punctuate long stretches of unbridled horror and violence, with scenes of startling emotional sincerity and vulnerability never ceases to amaze. I'm early in the game, but the prime example thus far being: The animations really are something else too, especially in combat, it is a technical masterpiece.
  7. Quite right Joe, this is the Barclays.
  8. Really enjoyed reading through that, I've had Outer Wilds downloaded for a while, hope to give it a try soon.
  9. The super fans will love Brucey remaining in charge, support the team not the regime!
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