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  1. Ban managers with a waist size larger than 40 inches
  2. He cant play in the center of the three as he cant tackle with his right (that was the problem when Wood skinned him). He should be playing to the left or not at all
  3. tinoasprilla

    Jacob Murphy

    I'd rather murphy had a 3 year contract than Shite Gayle
  4. How thats a foul and a kick to the face isn't
  5. If he wants to win things then yes
  6. He is trying to get sacked the love child of stevie wonder and Adolf Hitler wouldn't pick that team
  7. So Fernández in for hayden as the only change?
  8. And jeffrey still can't get a game
  9. tinoasprilla

    Paul Dummett

    He is shite against teams that pass and move. Was fucking hopeless tonight along with everyone else
  10. You could pick any newcastle player tonight and show their stats. I never thought I'd see a worse performance than relagation lombardos Palace beat us 2 nil at home
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