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  1. Exactly right and where our idiotic refs are getting it wrong. It's the ref looking at the replays who's got that wrong remember.
  2. With a margin of error in each frame, when the ball is actually travelling forward is the debatable thing. Something that close should always go with the initial decision.
  3. Top of the arm for the Wolves player, line as if it's drawn across from the armpit.
  4. Phil Brown back as Southend United manager after they sack Mark Molesley. Strange timing like.
  5. I think this is my favourite When asked by a VIP at a local airport how his flight was, Philip asked: “Have you ever flown in a plane?” The VIP answered: “Oh yes, sir, many times”, to which Philip replied: “Well, it was just like that.”
  6. To Simon Kelner, republican editor of The Independent, at a reception at Windsor Castle: “What are you doing here?” Kelner answered: “I was invited, sir” to which Philip replied: “Well, you didn’t have to come.”
  7. It's hard to say really mate, it's just more polished and appeals more than the last few versions. It's more engaging and less frustrating, and easier. Which might not please some but it's a game and getting battered every week is certainly not fun. In saying that though, the match engine still lets it down despite it being a bit better this version, that really needs an overhaul soon.
  8. Did not like Bournville Fingers, ate all of them to be sure and i can safely say.....spoilt the Cadbury Fingers.
  9. I'm about to start with the Bournville in a moment
  10. Personally i think it is, i feel it's the best version for a while.
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