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  1. This song is so much better than this tik tok shite
  2. Steve Bruce's Hull city
  3. Not by much, they are still parallel and are pretty much heading south before banking east to avoid Kosovo etc. Next few minutes will be telling. Had to leave my flightradar screen for a bit, so did GLF5 land on a Greek island and is now heading north again ? Picking up Nikos Dabizas I reckon, wasn't he touted for a job under the new regime Nope, it's still heading South East. Just finished a bit of work I had to get out there, so back on flight radar it is. Fucking bliss Another GLF4 took off from Jeddah a few minutes ago, seems to be going the wrong way though. Mandys he
  4. Seen plenty of daft cunts on twitter saying about takeover news "its not true unless Wraith and (other journalists) says it is" This is why the world is in the mess that its in currently.
  5. Rafa rebuilds the club from scratch. puts every system in place to be successful from the ground up. Academy, training ground, scouting etc... already been here, already has plans. Everybody else starts from scratch. Success is not going to come instantly even with big money, so if there is to be a transitional period for 2 to 3 years, Id rather it would be with someone who has a head start. Strong foundations are what will be the most successful in the long run.
  6. Here in a northern town in Norway or the region we live in, there was a rule in place if you came here from outside the region you had to self isolate for 14 days. I don't think there has been any deaths that have been linked locally (small town), although there has been a small number who have tested positive.. most people were told told stay at home if they had symptoms. Before the lockdown 3 people in my household had definite symptoms of covid, one getting ill after coming into contact from someone who had just travelled back from Japan and who was showing symptoms. Schools here w
  7. FFP is going to have to be relaxed because of all the money lost due to the corona virus.. probably even quite a few clubs will need to have a sell off to raise funds. So if you have a lot of money there probably wont be a better time to buy players.
  8. Now wrong with Wor Gregory, apart from he shares a surname with a certain cunt’s middle name. Heads went up his arse since he became famous
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