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  1. €25 mil transfer fee for manager? Jesus H Christ, football is broken
  2. Perez is a relentless c*nt. He is so desperate that it makes me wonder how deep Real Madrid`s financial troubles really are? Much worse than they admit publicly? Spanish giants are one of the main reasons behind these ridiculous transfer fees and player salaries we see today. Entitled s*itheads.
  3. Hopefully we get at least one point from Liverpool SoccerClub.
  4. So, after this fiasco american owners will leave english football, sooner or later?
  5. Oh my, first setbacks to mighty SoccerLeague Greedy f*ckers, f*ck off
  6. Level of greed is just incredible. Last two decades champions league has been money making machine for big clubs. And even that is not enough? C*nts!
  7. What a surprise
  8. I just love these kind of statement articles after one win
  9. This is same kind of disaster as it was with Carver and McClaren. No hope at all.
  10. It seems that Ashley wants relegation. C*nt.
  11. Fat Mike is gambling now...with Bruce, relegation is sure and value of the club drops through the floor.
  12. Like those good ol` Carver gifs
  13. There is no way that SB keeps his job till end of the season. He cant turn this ship around. Who will be his replacement...Howe, Pearson?
  14. What a f*** mess. Relegation is sure if Bruce keeps his job.
  15. If those takeover talks really continues as rumoured, Ashley wont spend any money for a new manager. This is like with Carver...luck is our only hope.
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