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  1. Who ultimately gets a place on the board at NUFC? The people that pledge/NUST or their chairman.
  2. How much money are the board putting in? What happens to any money donated if the proposed takeover or any attempt to buy a percentage in NUFC is unsuccessful? Same goes if any future owners are not interested in selling a stake?
  3. If ashley wont sell to a group that make billion dollar invesments he will never sell even a small pecentage to the fans. After 12 years of inacton What have they done with the money collected so far? You'd be better off chucking your pound in the Tyne.
  4. Their fan ownership idea is pointless it's never ever going to happen ever.
  5. We will sell Gayle late with no time for a replacement (when I say we I mean ash & charners)
  6. Imagine being the bloke that suggested we chuck the 10m in the air & hope it started raining smarties. D'oh.
  7. Dwight Gayle is to the number 9 shirt what the atom bomb was to downtown Nagasaki
  8. Ashley and his pr guru link a name so utterly abject that the fans say I'd rather stick with McLaren & make us grateful they didn't appoint some third rate bygone. I'm sure when pards was hired a rumour mentioned they considered someone that was doing a half decent job in the conference.
  9. Just a wild guess here, that is the formation Carr is scouting/recruiting players for. Considering our last 3 gaffers have been lucky to get the job 4-2-3-1 is what they're told to play.
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