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  1. Johnson's 2019 election victory was seen as a mandate to 'Get Brexit Done' especially in the media. The fact is, the majority of people voted against it but the narrative was never challenged. For Gove to then claim the SNP have no mandate is high hypocrisy.
  2. I see Gove has been saying that there is no mandate for a 2nd Indy Ref in Scotland as only 47.9 people voted for the pro referendum SNP, meaning the majority didn't. The UK GE in 2019 saw 52.7% vote for pro EU/2nd ref parties and 47.3 for pro Brexit parties, yet this was portrayed as a sweeping endorsement of leaving the EU. Of course none of the journalists will take the little cunt to task on this. Piss boiled.
  3. Saw something on twitter that said if this had been a GE, Tories would have lost 40+ seats and Labour would have gained approx 30. Thoughts? On the plus side, a lad in my class at school was elected Labour mayor in Cambridge which is a staggering feat in a Tory heartland. Nik Johnson, a name to watch in the future.
  4. As far as I'm aware they never actually called for protest when Rafa left? Happy to be corrected on that point. 'The Trust’s primary focus is and always will be surrounding Newcastle United. Sometimes these issues are similar to those faced by fans of other clubs, as a league and at a national level. The Trust will work alongside other Trusts to ensure Newcastle United are fairly represented on a national and international level. Our main areas of work have been around ticket pricing, fan safety, fixture scheduling, and St James’ Park.'
  5. They've made it categorically clear that they are not a protest group, so those joining shouldn't expect them to be.
  6. Why do the Trust need to organise things? There were plenty of well publicised protests organised by the Magpie Group but 90% of people did fuck all.....although I'm glad that a sizeable chunk seemed to have walked away. Were you involved in the protests two years ago by the way?
  7. Nail on head. Too many people bump their gums online but when push comes to shove, can't be bothered to get off their arses and do anything. And then you've got the absolute bellends who went out of their way to attack and belittle the Magpie Group for anything they tried. Until that changes, Ashley will continue to treat the club's support with utter contempt.
  8. UncleBingo

    The Injury Thread

    Did similar about 20 years ago and didn't play for nearly a year. It was the third time I'd done the same ankle in as many years, so played with heavy duty ankle straps for ages. They were great as they stopped me going over on my ankle but pretty restrictive on the mobility front......only stopped playing without them last year. I feel your pain, hope it mends soon and you're back playing again.
  9. UncleBingo


    I was paggered for a few days but am almost certain I also had Covid in Feb last year.....I thought it was my cancer drugs which I'd just started at the time, but looking back was probably Covid. Was speaking to my consultant yesterday as was in for my 3 month check and he reckoned they had it in the RVI from December onwards, as he was really poorly with something unknown and he lost 2 patients around that time. This was at least a month before the 1st recognised case with in the UK.
  10. Snap. Was looking for a cheapish estate for a work car and came across this 2011 Sportwagon, only 84k on the clock, leather seats etc.......it's also the twin turbo model with 180bhp and still manages 60mpg. Absolutely spot on so far.
  11. UncleBingo

    The Job Thread

    @relámpago blancoWe plan to add a lot more web content in the services section to put some more meat on the bones. Also there will be a bio section for each of us which will go through our experience and industry accreditations. We just wanted to get something up and running ASAP. As for a foot in the door, actually being an engineer makes that a lot easier for us than a random sales person, already had a lot of positive responses. Not the easiest time to be punting for new business granted, but the home working boom could be good for us.
  12. UncleBingo

    The Job Thread

    Took voluntary redundancy in March after 23 years at the same place, didn't really like where the company was going and snapped their hands off. Took the plunge and started my own company with an ex colleague a couple of weeks ago, and today we got our website up and running.........still a fair bit of service content to go on there but it's a start. http://www.rdcomms.co.uk if any of you need anything in Telecoms/AV.
  13. I think it's a great idea personally. Supporters in this country have been scandalously ignored by clubs since money took over the game, would be nice to think that the potential new owners are on board with this as well. It might be a romantic vision etc. and will undoubtedly be criticised by the hard of thinking among our support, but when did wanting things to be better become a crime in this country? ( see also politics). I'm in.
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