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  1. He’s a really shy lad apparently, would imagine he was nervous as hell.
  2. Seen more convincing storylines on Hollyoaks like.
  3. Not really. Quite a few were bleating on about his goals per minute record at Palace when the reason he started so little was because he wasn't good enough to play week in, week out. It's really a weird one. The chances he's missing he would put away comfortably in the championship. Confidence. Plus he gets a lot less time, opportunity and better goalkeeping in the PL.
  4. Pleased his stats in training got us another 3 points today.
  5. Joining, apparently. http://www.transfermarkt.com/martin-dubravka/profil/spieler/74960
  6. I’ve been critical of him this season, but he did well yesterday and a few Gayle-like finish. Would prefer to see him and Mitro as a pair as Joselu offers absolutely nowt, but I’m SO EXCITED that we’re playing 4-4-2.
  7. Suddenly the desire to flog him in the summer doesn’t look all that weird.
  8. Aye A complete nothing story that is. 'a bid came in and was rejected, so the player didnt hear about it'
  9. Craigy now saying the Fulham bid was £12m, we went back and asked for a swap with Cairney and Fulham told us to fuck off.
  10. Has anyone found out why Gayle turned up 4 hours early for training, then went straight back home?
  11. With the transfer money for Gayle, de Jong, Riviere and Hanley, plus the available wages (around £160k per week) there is no excuse for us to not go out and spend £20m-£30m on a top striker/#10. Media said we had money to spend even before these deals happened, wages were the only issue. Well, we've got rid of a huge amount of wages and recouped more than expected in transfer fees. Spend the fucking money.
  12. No idea what I want to happen here. He's one of a few players that I just presumed we'd keep.
  13. Reports today suggested that Perez isn't for sale anymore, as Sanchez is seemingly off.
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