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  1. samptime29


    I'm still wearing my mask indoors like. I want my vaccination.
  2. We were never in the relegation zone tbf. My main point was a lot of people were sucking Fulham off and they've had a horrendous home record all season. It just didn't add up.
  3. Some of the fear of Fulham was a bit silly really. We were never going down.
  4. Maupay and Zaha are the most angry fuckers going.
  5. Had it 5-3 Canelo. Decent fight not a classic though. BJS had a strong couple of rounds in the middle but was definitely in the fight. Canelo's uppercut was tremendous. The atmosphere and entrances were amazing. Felt like such a big fight.
  6. Lost half a stone since gyms opened back up, so decent start. Wanna lose 20 pounds by end of June.
  7. Fair points. We have a reasonable spine. If we actually invested some decent cash, got an new manager, honestly would be in a solid position i think.
  8. samptime29

    Joe Willock

    He works well for us because we are a more counter attacking side. He is really strong at making those runs into the box.
  9. We started to score goals now all the big man are back. We created a decent amount of chances recently except Brighton and Arsenal.
  10. Thought he was pretty good tonight. Made a couple of nice quick nibbles, crossing was solid. Worked hard.
  11. 14 points from 10 games with 2 (awful) losses. Reasonable form at the time we needed it.
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