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  1. cookidge

    Your Pet Hates

    I totally get that, and was going to add something to my post that I understand it's in solidarity.
  2. If we held up sky coverage on a Sunday over Mike Ashley's ownership I don't think it would go down as well.
  3. cookidge

    Your Pet Hates

    Straight cisgender people that list their pronouns.
  4. Great idea for a thread. I'd post my thoughts but they've already been outlined by posts above. It's so frustrating as its incredibly easy for the owner to make the right decisions for the club and to get the fans on side.
  5. bless him, count to 11 Keith before you post on twitter.
  6. Instead of "I've got 11/10 news lads", what about "I've got some relatively big news. Obviously it's not takeover approved, but it could be important." but that doesn't get clicks though does it?
  7. Of course, and I agree. I don't take issue with what he's doing, it's how he's going about it with hyperbole and what seems to be an inability to read the room.
  8. Exactly, how that qualifies as 11/10 news I don't know. The super league news must've been an astonishing 20/10
  9. With that being the case, it sounds like Keith has found a little tidbit, and De Marco is letting him put his little crumb of info out to the media to keep little Keith entertained while he does the big boy work.
  10. "Fingers crossed.." that's not putting your head on the chopping block is it, really.
  11. Aye, hate all this 11/10, 110% craic people trot out. Context is key.
  12. I understand that it needs legal team approval... but in the context of what most fans want a ten out of ten is takeover approved right? I don't mind the optimism, i'm optimistic myself, but this twitter hyperbole has to stop. It's shite. It'll probably be something showing collusion that will be a bad story for the PL but will have no bearing on the takeover, and might just rub salt in the wounds if the takeover doesn't go ahead down the line.
  13. If 10/10 news is takeover going through, then 11/10 news must be takeover going over and mandy hands out goodybags full of £££ to every supporter as a hello. In other news, I've got a 11/10 rated scoop that this big news is going to be 5/10 middle of the road clickbait shite.
  14. BT coverage >>> Sky - pundits absolutely battering them.
  15. Some of the headlines would suggest City et al have saved football. It's crazy. Like the respect people get for overcoming terrible addiction, but in this instance they planned on becoming an addict for years without telling anyone, then binned it off over 48 hours and are now getting a pat on the back.
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