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  1. Wozniak is class. The standout by a mile. The Aussie lass is weird and not in a good way. Her tasks have been alright but her studio banter is shiiiiiit. Lee Mack has been alright but as above, the studio stuff has just been a bit weak. Maddix is filling the role as "The one that kicks off" alright but he's suffering from nobody really challenging him (the balloon task was bullshit and he should have been savaged for that by Greg and the other contestants). Charlotte Richie is just massively out of her element. Seems canny enough but hasn't really cottoned on that it's sup
  2. Papavasiliou


    It's actually fucking astonishing how often people come out with this despite clear and consistent rebuttals every time it's brought up.
  3. Had a really funny turn playing Pavlov a few months ago and I've not touched the VR since. Was only the 2nd time or so I'd played it and I'd only been going for like 20mins and I was completely fine then it felt like I just hit a wall and my stomach flipped upside down.
  4. Not sure if it's just me putting a bit more time into this one or not but I find it a lot easier to get my head around compared to 20. Not really played since 17 so there was a lot of new shit that just felt needlessly complicated when I tried 20 on gamepass for a week or so. I got into 21 a lot faster and a lot easier.
  5. Put 24 hours into Evil Genius 2 over the past week since it dropped. The original was great and this new one has changed/added just enough for me. I don't like it when sequels just add a shit load of new mechanics and make shit overly complicated. One thing I could do with is a better explanation of what's actually going on (like an in game wiki or something) because there's a few mechanics that don't really seem to much sense. Like I can't really tell if there's any benefit to turning enemy agents away without them seeing anything suspicious or any downside to just letting them in
  6. Not sure if this counts cos it was RNG but on Destiny 2 one of the first bows I got had traits that made the arrows explosive and had on headshots created a cluster explosion that then chain reactioned to anyone near the target. It was ridiculous for diving into a room of mobs, whipping a perfect headshot into the first one you saw and just watching the chaos as everyone in there exploded one by one. I kept that bow long after it was too underleveled to be useful and spent way too many materials on trying to keep it relevant. The Graviton Lance would be a close second
  7. https://twitter.com/PaulTassi/status/1376516944183095298?s=19
  8. Linus mentioned something offhand in a vid the other day that I wasn't aware of regarding this. He said you want to make sure you have a 2:1 ratio of Game FPS to Monitor Hz for the best performance. Which makes sense to me actually. I used to play competitively on a game locked to 100fps when only 60hz monitors existed but back then we could tell when it was dipping below 100. As Semtex said, you can get 360hz monitors now so 400 isn't that ott. It's a competitive game built to work on almost everything, it's almost a decade old and it scales with hardware better than most games.
  9. I've got one too. Only just started getting the shocks. Never enough to make me jump or owt but it's weird that it just started after having it for a year and a bit.
  10. Some of the shit I've seen bodged and then re-bodged at my lasses parents place is amazing. They got the radiators replaced the other year and the guy fitting them decided that the placement of them wasn't up to code so some of them needed moving along the wall anywhere up to a foot. Didn't move any of the pipes though so they all come up out the floor a foot away from where they actually connect to the radiators. Some bright sparky had installed all the power sockets upstairs in the skirting boards practically touching the floor so most stuff couldn't really be plugged in as
  11. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/incredible-story-newcastle-uniteds-lost-20252419 Great read
  12. Papavasiliou


    Do the people against all this think it's going to stay in place forever, or something?
  13. Thought so. I have the same one and I'm concerned a 3rd party 3080 wont fit (not that I'll ever get one).
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