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  1. From what exactly? You gearing up for round three of Bruceball already?
  2. Only if two cans of pissy beer are shotgunned prior to the self defence move.
  3. I hated the takeover threads because of the repetition and arguing (I'm guilty of both), but without it I hadn't felt a need to come on here this weekend. I didn't watch the match, I didn't even fancy reading peoples opinions of the match on here which I always do, even instead of watching the actual match. The club is almost impossible to support atm, people like st max/almiron/dubs/Wilson give you the faint glimmers, but you sharp remember how futile it is investing any emotion in the players. What a joy it is supporting nufc.
  4. I'm not sure if they're meant to be funny? They're shit either way.
  5. Well yeah, exactly this. He's a switched on bloke, he knows he is whipping up a frenzy so he HAS to deliver something of note here. If not his credibility is surely shot to shit.
  6. Fuck me I thought this was a joke! If his intentions are sincere then his delivery is absolutely atrocious tbh. He is currently painting himself as a stereotypical wum. I don't want to rib any fans but someone needs to tell him to take a break, possibly an indefinite one.
  7. Huawei mate 20 pro never let up nearly 2.5 years down the line, was an amazing phone tbh.
  8. The fans of these clubs shouldn't be punished, they have already suffered already....
  9. I mean, seems plausible. But am I fuck believing anything from Twitter
  10. NE27

    Takeover Thread

    He's a fucking baby that man like. Do us a favour Luke and fuck off because you're almost universally disliked up here. If your mates are Steve Bruce you're on to a loser.
  11. With all these players cramping up you'd think we didn't undergo rigourous training regimes under Steve and his band of Steve's.
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