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  1. Bump, i still believe the ground will have way over 48k once open with the trust papering over the cracks
  2. Needs to move on he is too good to waste the talent at the arms of sports direct
  3. Be funny as fuck if West Brom stay up
  4. https://www.twitter.com/tfalex1892/status/1376466143624450048 https://twitter.com/tfalex1892/status/1376466143624450048 Twitter no longer work on the new board?
  5. Made my views very clear ever since they let Rafa go, Only a boycott will do Ashley only cares about Ur money he'll feed u a sweetie (Keegan,Rafa) once in a blue moon to keep u coming then go back to normal.its took me years to realise it but i have Aslong as he gets 45k seats sold he'll be here forever Edit- I'd never get involved with anything that Alex is part of neither after that tweet
  6. Part of the problem! boycott the fucking ground the cunt will soon go, as they said the club is nothing without fans and that's why he brought us easy money
  7. What was all that twitter beef about yesterday involving Steve , that youtuber and a 16 year lass?
  8. astraguy


    Heard on the radio today over 30s are being offered the jab,Couldn't hear it all with background noise but do we know when?
  9. Wouldn't surprise me if its just some safe standing bollocks or mike has promised to invest in blah da blah
  10. I see #nufc is in a state again, @Ando7shadow getting heat and that youtuber quitting for some reason
  11. Alex is a twat and part of the problem with the club, As above As for that mouth geezer attention seeking He is odd just retweeted a tweet from when that martin fella went missing? WHY?
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