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  1. Big cock Willock saved us I agree Get him signed
  2. Luke Edwards' finger will be hovering over that "send tweet" button for the next 45 minutes...
  3. Will always have a soft spot for Parker for leading us to Intertoto glory
  4. Not that he'll get any criticism from the media
  5. West Ham/Everton feels like it's been going on all f'in day
  6. Win but still show how shite Brucey is (with his game management) I see this as an absolute win
  7. I was convinced wor Pards had done some kind of deal with the devil when he was here like Reckon cabbagehead has dabbled in the same dark arts
  8. Agree with VAR needing to go. It was the right thing to try it but it's clearly made the game worse.
  9. Aye make no mistake, we survive in spite of cabbagehead, not because of him
  10. We ain't going down now ffs Where tf is this weird belief in Fulham coming from?
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