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  1. But how will Ashley wallpaper his house then?
  2. Robert was fastest I ever saw with the ball. Enrique was deceptively fast. Never looked quick but could almost always recover to catch the quickest
  3. No, but according to most reporting we shouldn't be complaining either
  4. Even if they conducted identical surveys, the Chronicle will have a far larger reader base than the Athletic just by the nature of being free. Don't get me wrong, I think the Athletic is probably one of the best collections of sporting journalism going, but compared to a free long established (disregarding quality) paper is always going to be more popular
  5. And if they think it's dreadful to watch under Mourinho....give them even half a season of Bruceball then they'll have something to complain about
  6. Boo Hoo... Spurs fans need to manage their expectations. Wait no-one's saying that?
  7. Don't think I am...the Athletic readership compared to the Chronicle is miniscule, and generalising it is likley to be the older more affluent crowd who can/will pay for the Athletic and seem to think that these last couple of seasons are good comparted to the late 80's
  8. Older fans who have the means to pay and remember the truly grim times, and consider being in the top division the pinnacle of achievement
  9. Well it shouldn't, but it does. As much as i don't want to be insulting i'd think that 60/70% of the fan base would not want to pay for an Athletic subscription. The ones that would be prepared to pay are more than likely better informed of the situation, and less susceptible to the 'support the team, not the regime' that seems to be prevalent amongst a large section of the match day going crowd. The ones that just go to 'get away from the missus, or a piss up day in town' are not likely to pay for any kind of serious analysis
  10. Not really....the Chronicle is free, while the Athletic has to be paid for. Different demographics amongst fans so some variation should be expected
  11. Still beggars belief that 21% think our football is entertaining. Have to presume they are masochists, or stuck in torturous lives where watching 11 in black and white hide from a football is more entertaining than being beaten with sharp sticks
  12. Might as well...there's no enjoyment watching this team in the Premier League while setting up for every game like the opposition is Man City or Barcelona. If watching the team be outplayed every single week is what's going to happen (and has this season) it doesn't really matter if its Brentford or Chelsea. On the plus side we make everyone else feel good about how their team are playing since they always look like prime Barcelona when we rock up.....perversely this is probably the only reason Sky/Amazon/BT want us to stay up at present
  13. This whole situation is Charnley doing a massive bottle job. If reports are to be believed he is in charge day to day. Even without any football knowledge at all, any company/director should be able to see that a 10% ( 2wins in 20) success rate is poor even ignoring competitors who are doing better. Regardless of his title, it's clear that he does not have the real power of a CEO. I don't believe anyone could be so oblivious to results to see that things arent working... So what is it? Fear of Ashley, overridden by Barnes? Incompetence? Assuming its a fear of being sacked
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