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    Why has NI fallen behind so much?
  2. Nah just say if it's not clear without drawing lines then its onside, not an actual number for a margin of error
  3. James Rodriguez not a woman now then?
  4. Thinly veiled, GTFO of this thread
  5. Mad how much Atletico have bottled the league
  6. It is a decent option but it's also just moving the line rather than bringing in a margin of error which I think is the biggest issue
  7. Should be that if you can't see it clearly without drawing lines its onside
  8. https://twitter.com/ODDSbible/status/1381228020506169350?s=20
  9. Lots of fairly average wingers become good full backs tbf
  10. ASM is quite good at football. Not to take away from the finish
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