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  1. Caught right up with Line of Duty last night, ahead of sunday nights S6 finale. Having binged it from S1-S6 over the last few weeks, its maybe been a little easier to follow and remember things/people when they've (re)appeared. But its good that across six series and about 8 or 9 years filiming, they've managed to maintain pretty much the full cast playing the same characters, even background/minor ones, so the continuity has been excellent.
  2. Meh, seems it might just be an announcement.... best of Flying Birds album coming out, with a couple of new tracks on it. I don't mind the NGHFB stuff, to be honest, but have it all anyway. Hopefully these new tracks will be ok though.
  3. Looks like Noel might be dropping some new music this morning, around 8.30am on Radio 2
  4. Willock again!!!! And he'll still be benched next match by Bruce.
  5. This Is Tomorrow festival has been moved again, to weekend of 17th-19th September 2021. https://thisistomorrow.co.uk/ However, they now saying the lineup will be confirmed soon. So wonder if most of the original lineup has dropped out? I know Sam Fender said he wouldn't work with the organisers (SSD) again, after they were slated for their treatment of employees and stuff.
  6. TK-421


    Starting to feel achy, and a bit shivery now. Was ok till about an hour ago. Paracetamol, here i come!
  7. TK-421


    At centre for life now, just had me first jab (AZ). Barely felt it, which was a surprise as i hate having needles. Now to see if i start feeling ropey in next couple of days.
  8. Much like the statement from Sky Sports last night. Whilst they both says they have not been involved in any Super League discussions (so far), neither of them go on to condemn it, and/or rule out any future discussions. Incidentally, have BeinSport (and/or their hairy handed sexist pundit) distanced themselves yet??
  9. PL should just approve our takeover. No one will notice, and it can slip in quietly whilst everyone is in uproar at this.
  10. TK-421


    Booked both my jabs last night now it's opened to the under 50's (i'm 48 in June). Took a few goes to get it done, website was hopeless... offering dates and times, then at the last stage saying all times had gone. First is next Thursday, and the second in early July, both at the Centre for Life.
  11. This headline on the DM website though.... 'Killer' Saudi Prince and 'Newcastle United' in same sentence. You know, I think it could be on! #Cans
  12. Late to the party again, but we've just started Line of Duty from S1. Looking forward to seeing that Wellington Paranormal too.
  13. TK-421


    The wife had her 2nd Pfizer jab yesterday (NHS worker), and she's been ok so far. She felt ropey the night of her first one, but see if she has a delayed reaction today/this weekend.
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