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  1. The French love to dig out their own players like
  2. Can’t beleive he got Ben Arfa’d faster than Hatem
  3. did he? didn't see that Aye https://www.newcastle-online.org/forum/index.php?topic=104397.msg7372121#msg7372121 Damn, yeah something is up then. Didn't think he'd get HBA'd this fast like.
  4. My guess is fell out with Bruce then got Rona. What is weird is that if they are trying to sell him, having him down as long covid patient is not exactly smart
  5. Yeah it’s a bit weird, I was never told I couldn’t though but I was ruled out of things because my sense of smell had not come back. Doubt he’s infectious but still seems a bit weird he’d do that
  6. It's extremely weird that we have heard literally nothing about him
  7. Yeah I think he’s been crippled with it, which sucks
  8. Plenty of clubs will be happy to take him off our hands
  9. “You can’t say anything with stats”
  10. I like Toure seen him on the flesh a couple of times, he needs to go out on loan
  11. I mean playing under him would be a piece of piss, particularly a player like ASM, he doesn't bother with too much tactical instruction, so its all good
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