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  1. 20 odd years as a manager, not a sniff of managing a top European or domestic club, not a single major trophy. Just hovering around like a manager with no clear identity of play or even trying to make a blueprint of his own style. A Fart bubble in the bath raises itself quicker than this frauds profile. Purely where he is because of his work as a player and "fergies captain" Thankfully a dying breed of football manager where one day, we will no longer have these types in the game. (However for some reason I feel Rooney is the next "manager" to have a career based solely on the
  2. We were so close at one point with not the faintest idea when or how we could get a win. The fact Bruce thinks it was all down to wilson and ASM being injured means we will almost definitely not be so lucky next time. The bloke just doesn't know how to win a game via tactics and not relying on our best players to do everything. Preying for the takeover.
  3. I don't think it would be worse, I fully expect them to do exactly what you've said, however I also think they will miss something which won't add up. The PL are incompetent, we've seen that first hand.
  4. Imagine they deleted some stuff that NCSL already have a record of
  5. All it takes is one tiny bit of evidence left and not deleted that doesn't match anything else, i.e an email received but no record of it being sent on the senders computer and the case is more or less lost. Very very risky to remove stuff like that, every single piece has to be deleted from every device from every person involved. Again all agreed by everyone with no record of them talking about doing so. Also mobile phone companies won't remove the log of texts and calls being made even though you can't see what they contain, but the breadcrumbs are there.
  6. If that is true that is an almighty risk play from Ashley. Green light all but signed off after 13 months of getting messed around and then when it finally does he slaps the PL with the anti competition papers!
  7. Mouth of the tyne trying to look like he's in with the crowd, even after calling them wankers last week. Honestly if you're on here reading this, please know that your "ITK" bullshit is making you look an even bigger dick. Even more so when you get called out on it 😂😂
  8. What happens about evidence once its released? Could it remove masters from his role? Could it help with arbitration? It looks as though at the moment we want the PL to say "ok keep it quiet, drop the case and here is the green light", but if they don't and the shit hits the fan how and who can we get the takeover forced through. A new PL CEO perhaps?
  9. Ashley is absolutely pulling every trick/tactic/test possible against the PL. If anyone seriously believes that PIF are not interested in buying the club then that's genuinely mental. The PL are legally getting pushed further and further into a corner in order to get this deal passed.
  10. Recently got the S21 and absolutely love it. Question about the 100x zoom though, I've tried a few random pics using it of the moon and some wildlife but it seems very blurry, is this the same for everyone or is there some other setting that I need to change when using that kind of zoom?
  11. All comes down to media pressure really, if the journos make it a massive story then it will have consequences for them. If the journos shrug it off then it will all quietly go away.
  12. Who the fuck is this burnsie and how does everyone know his name and what he looks like? As he done a wraith style funeral or something? If it is him behind mouth of the tyne he's said that if the takeover happens he will appear on YouTube weekly giving everyone inside information about team news/transfers etc
  13. Day 2 out of 5 and people are losing their shit already. Just take a step back and not worry or get worked up about it. It's obviously not the takeover approved, but it's probably something that will put massive pressure on masters and the PL, who wouldn't want that?
  14. Where have they said they're putting it off? The podcast with Kennedy is tonight and last night he tweeted "should be a good one 👀" so surely it must come tonight?
  15. Ashley has a pistol What utter utter tripe. He writes it as fact when he openly admits he and nobody else outside of the deal has no real idea of what is going on. It's getting quite funny to see how bad a journo he is, getting worse as the weeks go by.
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