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  1. They’re totally uninterested in legislating. It’s all about the grift.
  2. Pre-body cams they would’ve gotten away with the lie.
  3. Dickhead going the speed limit in the passing lane for 10 miles, you finally blaze around him, he then decides to floor it past you. Enraging.
  4. I always respected him for his attitude and workrate. Bet he’s a good role model for the bairn. But yeah, he got far more appearances than any serious PL club should’ve allowed.
  5. Anyone else feel like they’re posting less since the change? Maybe I’m not used to the new layout yet...going from the full desktop where I could view dozens of threads at once. A real boon for the forum
  6. Look I don’t make the rules. They were handed down in 1776.
  7. Though if I’m not having any luck on the bottle, I do switch it up to give it the ol’ strong hand razzle dazzle.
  8. I’ll hold a bottle in my dominant hand, twist off with the weaker paw. Opposite for cracking a can of beer. It is known.
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