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  1. You say that but we had an awful run and Fulham were playing the far better football. We got lucky - ASM returning from injury in the nick of time and Joe Willocks goals.
  2. duo

    Takeover Thread

    Honestly I have no idea - but what I do know if Ashley wins his case he is the only 'guaranteed' winner in this. We're still reliant on 'hope' that it re-awakens the interest of PIF.
  3. Can put this thread to bed for another year
  4. If Fulham don't win we're safe right?
  5. duo

    Takeover Thread

    What is making people more confident the takeover is happening? I am curious. If Ashley wins his case he will get a payout - how does that benefit the club? There is no guarantee PIF will come back in.
  6. I guess we'll find out - I have a feeling there will be. If the ESL has taught us anything it is how arrogant these big clubs can be.
  7. Positive Optimism?....let me think.....erm.......
  8. I remember that game well 🙈
  9. ha - the same. It's a case of what could have been.
  10. Well they say no news is good news
  11. duo

    Jonjo Shelvey

    Never looks like he's bothered.
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