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  1. Darlow doesn’t know what his near post is. He actually fits in very well with our current level and management structure. Like a few have said in here Dubs could be playing for a top 6 team easy.
  2. Can’t these trained referees just use their eyes for this type of variable?
  3. 6 games for Fulham to get 6 points just to be level with us just isn’t happening. Cabbageheed has been saved by the likes of ASM and Wilson who shouldn’t even be close to this team in terms of the talent.
  4. I want him on my shirt as a grown man he’s that inspiring.
  5. RodneyCisse


    Do we ever get age group/area these admissions happen or not?
  6. RodneyCisse

    Formula 1

    It felt like Lewis was always going to push max to the outside and he would have been thinking of that move 5-6 laps before it happened. Hope we get something similar in Imola even if the result it reversed.
  7. RodneyCisse

    Formula 1

    “But can’t smash him in a better car in Bahrain” In other news future father in law talks nonsense.
  8. Is there a way to change to web browser version on mobile?
  9. Clippers hoping for playoff Rondo
  10. He defo has someone posting the generic stuff like retweet’s from Newcastle’s twitter but that seems like it could legit be him sitting at home giggling about it.
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