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  1. Blithering about ahving turned it all around on match of the day. Weren't you talking about top half and competing for a cup at start of season? Twat.
  2. Of course it was BS
  3. Good of Steve Bruce to use opportunity to show solidarity with his players about racist abuse to make it out that he's the real victim
  4. Not particularly great news for us https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/apr/24/key-boris-johnson-aide-lord-udny-lister-leaves-no-10
  5. Why on earth when there are plenty of clubs going bust and struggling up and down every league below the top ones should these 6 get a big loan to sort out their apparent financial dire straights. The only, ONLY reason any club with the massive fanbase and earnings of all these clubs are struggling is pure financial mismanagement, and that they want more and plea that they need it is because they aren't willing to admit it and stop living beyond their means.
  6. That is disgraceful, if true got what wanted I guess?
  7. I think Perez and Agnelli convinced everyone they had to go now if they were going to force UEFAs hand etc as half probably expected it to fall through with concessions from premier league and uefa but probably after a few months negotiation. Instead it turned out their hand was actually that rules card you get which doesnt do much in poker and they were all left arse out in the wind
  8. Honestly force Real and Juve to just play each other every week in their own league with 2 fans watching for a season or two as punishment at the very least
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