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  1. No way am I reading that
  2. Watched Platoon for the first time last night. Thought it was class but I’m surprised that Tom Berenger wasn’t/isn’t a bigger star. Went through his IMDB and it was 90% shite. He was fucking immense in Platoon and I imagine his stock was high after and he could’ve had his pick of roles
  3. Aye, In and Out is competing with McD’s, BK, Wendy’s et al. Can’t be comparing it to the more expensive places.
  4. CFlan

    Hip hop fans

    I’ll always have fond memories of that whole late 90’s DefJam crew. Loved some of his features around then, especially on Ja Rule’s “It’s Murda” and “Go to Sleep” with Eminem. Such a shame he disappeared from the scene for so long. RIP.
  5. CFlan

    Hip hop fans

    Just missing the AIDS complication for the N-O condolences bingo card.
  6. CFlan

    Hip hop fans

    The video was something else too
  7. CFlan

    Hip hop fans

    DMX passed. RIP
  8. CFlan

    The 'GOLF' thread

    Went with Morikawa and Scottie Sheffler E.W
  9. I know it fucked us last night but the runner on 2nd in extras innings is a great idea.
  10. About 225F usually. The ribs come out fine but the chicken always looks dull.
  11. Oh mammy I can never get the colour when I smoke which is frustrating.
  12. It was an interesting watch but I found the main lad unbearable. All these camera pans of him looking at his Mac book in despair or looking way off out to the ocean.
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