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  1. Steve Reed and Wes Streeting being touted apparently.
  2. Taking responsibility for the defeat by starting another civil war with the soft left this time.
  3. 3 points down on 2019 now.
  4. I'm on the left which means I don't know how politics works so can anyone explain the strategy behind this latest 3d chess move. Jamie Carragher on Twitter: "Show some fight @UKLabour taking Liverpool for granted because we are a guaranteed vote for you every election! #LiverpoolTogether" / Twitter
  5. From a brief glance at centrist twitter it looks like Yvette Cooper is their latest pick.
  6. Noticed this too, absolutely no chance Bruce came up with that.
  7. Doesn't get doorstepped by journos constantly either, they pretty much set up a permanent base camp outside of Corbyn's house.
  8. More on the way? Bit bold after years of screaming you can't win without the centre to try to smash the left especially when you don't have Scotland to fall back on anymore.
  9. Times must be tough for the dealers in Workington.
  10. Flicking through the channels before and someone was making a Yorkshire pudding pizza, think htt might be the OG of a new food trend.
  11. 11Tino11

    Snooker LOOPY!!!

    This deciding frame in the Wilson/McGill match is mad.
  12. Surely the only thing that would get there attention would be everyone cancelling their Sky and BT sports packages in protest, which considering we can't even empty out the stadium for one game seems unlikely to happen. I've cancelled mine anyway, back to streaming sites for me.
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