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  1. Steve Harper. It’s probably a bit of a harsh one but as soon as Given moved on Krul should have been given the shirt.
  2. I’m not sure about that under our current circumstances. We did some decent transfer business last summer and we’ve got a very comfortable mid-table squad. Given the absolute mess Bruce has made of it all it wouldn’t take too much of a tactical mastermind to come in and improve us elevating his own profile. If Howe came in and made us look even remotely watchable while improving our league position the media would be desperately linking him to top jobs again.
  3. This seems light years away from anything we’re doing.
  4. I really like Jacob Murphy, he’s developing into a really useful player. Another written off too soon.
  5. Being shafted by VAR is not what we really need right now.
  6. We’re really relying on Fulham getting no points for the rest of the season.
  7. Given this lineup I feel like this will be a straight forward Burnley win and I’ll spend all afternoon annoyed.
  8. Is there actually something wrong in Bruce’s head? Why leave Willock and ASM on the bench. It’s playing a weaker team for the sake in a game that could buy us some breathing space from relegation. It’s like he’s trying to give Fulham every chance possible. I can’t wait til this mug isn’t our manager.
  9. Lascelles is the most under rated player in our first team.
  10. Lascelles being out is a massive blow. He seems to be the type of player that doesn’t get the credit he deserves then we look way worse when he’s not in the team. Especially against Burnley.
  11. Hope Rodri gets booked for diving.
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