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  1. I’m done with them now like. I’d hoped he was getting rid of Rayner because he knows she’s another weathervane with no vision, but no... it’s because he wants to surround himself with his mates from the right of the PLP. Fuck him, fuck Lord Mandleson and fuck all those cunts.
  2. Reeves in for Dodds. Back to being tougher on benefits than the tories 😍😍😍
  3. You’re taking the piss surely?
  4. It looks that way, but I wanna know more about why and more importantly who is coming in instead. Nandy being demoted as well supposedly.
  5. Why Socialist Salford Bucked the Trend (tribunemag.co.uk)
  6. You can fuck off with abusing Sheffield folk, like . They're brilliant. Rotherham/Donny/Barnsley etc. you can have.
  7. Turnout is key here too. Solid 55-60% from 2015, 2017 and 2019. In 2021 it's just 42.7%. You have to inspire people to vote for Labour. Even Blair had a proper vision that did this. Low turnout is always bad for Labour and symbolic of an uninspired electorate.
  8. There's a lot more to it than saying BP split the right vote in 2019. Hartlepool elections since 2015 2015: LAB - 35.6% UKIP - 28.0% CON - 20.9% 2017: LAB - 52.5% CON - 34.2% UKIP - 11.5% 2019: LAB - 37.7% CON - 28.9% BXP - 25.8% 2021: CON - 51.9% LAB - 28.7% IND - 9.7% So in 2015 you have Labour narrowly winning the seat, but in 2017 Labour hoover up an awful lot of those supposed "far right" UKIP votes. Hint: they're not far right, they're just pro-Brexit. In 2019 Labour's Brexit message is shit and they loose those votes again but
  9. Smal

    Jacob Murphy

    He’s probably worth an extension, but that’s symbolic of where we are as a club. Battling to stay in the league each year. They got round him quite easily last night a fair few times.
  10. You and loads of others. It should have been a movement we continued to build under a less toxic figure instead of burning bridges with it.
  11. Are we really going to line up in the same formation again? It's so shit, man.
  12. I, for one, am shocked that nobody came out to vote for the party that stands for nothing.
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