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  1. Can either spell 'definitely'? Is Whitley H?
  2. As I've said before on this thread, data is valuable, it's not like the 60s where its held in a broom cupboard on tapes. Cloud providers make their money not by being laissez-faire with security and business continuity, they will have back up and restore facilities. THE PL CANNOT SIMPLY DELETE STUFF!!
  3. That works if it's stored locally, chances are it's cloud based and backed up, so deleting from a particular date might not wash. Plus they should have retention policies under GDPR, therefore their documents should not be deleted prior to their deletion date unless there is a valid and documented reason for doing so.
  4. There is no way the PL have been sufficiently diligent on their housekeeping to delete all incriminating stuff, their arrogance tells you that. Plus, if they are asking their IT people to get rid of stuff after the legal challenge they are asking them to break the law, for what? The IT specialists aren't going to put their career and possible liberty at stake because someone like Masters asks them. They wouldn't do it, and the potential for whistleblowing would be enormous. How would they ensure its kept quiet? Would you ind breaking the law and keeping it quiet please... I doubt it
  5. So the tackle by schar was worse than that was it? Fucking ridiculous
  6. Nah, I'm rarely optimistic about Newcastle but the chances of relegation are miniscule
  7. Dele Ali is morphing into Jack sparrow
  8. What I still don't get, and apologies in advance for not being blindly optimistic is what a fan led initiative could uncover that a professional team of legal eagles couldn't/didn't. Does he have a team of ethical hackers or some such, so he has access to confidential email correspondence and if that is the case then I wouldn't think that's admissible evidence?
  9. 1964

    Takeover Thread

    I think I read they can ask for computers as evidence which may sound like its pointless as things can deleted but it's pretty difficult to completely delete something without evidence that you've tried to completely delete something if that makes sense. So full disclosure could well be a significant thing
  10. And we're reassuringly back to the bickering, all is well
  11. It's actually nob when used as an insult, derived from nobleman. I'm a pedant not a nob
  12. Sorry forgot to add..... you complete nob
  13. That has some validity, and would remove the unnecessary diversion of a topic which of late is rarely referenced in the abuse hurling
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