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  1. They don’t mind. It’s part of his claim. He’s claiming for loss of sale or potential loss of sale and profit. Doesn’t mean PIF aren’t still in if the restrictions are lifted by the PL.
  2. Absolutely. It was embarrassing how those who tried to take a stand by walking out early under Pardew for example were given such a hard time by the ‘support the team’ lot.
  3. He really did just stop evolving in the mid-90s didn’t he
  4. The stench of that performance is gonna linger for weeks
  5. LV

    Takeover Thread

    Alreet Galileo
  6. I think this is exactly what it is. I think this Keith and his NCSL is part of the wider legal strategy and is a device to put pressure on the PL outside of the legal process. Maybe DeMarco has for some info but he can’t be seen to release it so passes it to a friendly journalist or Keith with the intention of threatening to release it into the public domain as part of pressure on the PL to come to terms before arbitration. Maybe they never intended to actually publish, it’s just part of the game. Unfortunately, it’s us who are having to ride the emotional rollercoaste
  7. Pretty sure that’s what he’s alluding to. That it’s good news if he’s not allowed to release it because it means that the PL are going to let the takeover through rather than allow this info out into the public domain
  8. There an article in The Athletic that talks about this
  9. Doubt it. I think we have to accept that clubs will try to lobby for their best interests but the authorities in the game should be impartial. It’s the PL at the greatest fault here if true.
  10. Yeah it is pretty huge. Shows that it was only the say so of the big 6 that was blocking our takeover. That’s corruption, anti-competitiveness and restraint of trade right there. Tricky Dicky and the PL are in a world of trouble if this is true and can be proven in law.
  11. LV

    Alan Shearer

    Face like a semi-deflated balloon
  12. LV

    Takeover Thread

    Yep that came out earlier
  13. LV

    Takeover Thread

    Ok cheers. We’ll see I guess.
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