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  1. Stopped going regularly long before Ashley arrived. Under Sir Bobby we had a great team playing in a great stadium but the atmosphere had evaporated. Long periods of near silence, a half minute of shouting when we scored, some polite applause now and again. Watch pretty much all the games on iptv now, do get affected by results, much prefer a win whoever is manager/owner but would much prefer a new manager and a new owner. Would love to be 17 standing on a terrace watching KK’s team again, nothing will bring that back though. Miserable cunt in short aye😀
  2. Link mate? 2nd best performing. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50822875 3.66 goals prevented in total this season, not per game. Unless Vardy has scored an extra 5.12 per game (not including penalties) that is
  3. Great article. I remember at the time, seeing how he ran through the German midfield and defence at the World Cup, playing maybe three 1-2’s then scoring. To find out a few weeks that later he’d signed for us was brilliant and a perfect fit for that side
  4. My first match as a kid was a year or two after Chris Waddle left. He’s just been on the radio saying that (A) there were boycotts during his time as a player, but that (B) there were still 36 thousand there every week. I don’t think either of those statements are true, are they?
  5. Good shout. Nah, don’t see that at all. Bracewell maybe, then? Before injuries cost him much of his game that is. Good control, hard to push off the ball, uses it well under pressure. Very early days of course. Hope to see plenty more of him, anyway
  6. Well, it isn’t just in the part I copied and pasted, he gives reasons in his article for believing it was in preparation for sports direct taking over the retailing for nufc. Possibly just a coincidence, using ‘direct’ like that. May be nothing in it, but it would support those writing a page or two back who said the buyout was planned for longer than the three days commonly stated by the owner.
  7. Was Polygon, not Sports Direct, that registered nufcdirect.com Is this guy barking up the wrong tree then? Poor fella definitely thinks he’s onto something! Who are Polygon, and is he right that the domain was registered months before the club was sold?
  8. From a recent article in The Mag, but borrowed by them from elsewhere: “When Mike Ashley purchased Newcastle United FC it was said to be a spur of the moment deal, done so not for business but to allow the billionaire to “have some fun”. At the time it was made out that the deal was literally carried out in a couple of days. “The deal was put to me on a Saturday. By the Monday, in advance of speaking to Sir John, I’d deposited the equivalent of money we hoped he would accept for his shares at the lawyers and on the Tuesday the deal was effectively done. By Wednesday (May 23, 2007) the
  9. They could, but if it was to cost the new owner- however unlikely - it wouldn't be in their interests to qualify. Plenty of people speculated that Ashley wanted to avoid playing bonuses for performance, this could be like that but ten times bigger. Also, that would require Ashley knowing they were interested in even trying to qualify. Why would he even believe it, if a similar level of ambition to his own by the new owners would cost him cash? Just sounds unlikely
  10. Why would the buyer be adding a clause around qualifying for the champs league? Ashley can't affect that after selling. Wouldn't it be the seller if anyone was going to add such a clause, like when a player leaves for another club and the fee goes up if they are successful, because the buyer gambled on the team doing well with the new player and agreed to the clause in order to push the deal through?
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