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  1. Wilson

    Takeover Thread

    Fair one, think I'm just caught up on the fact that they are blatantly blocking it, without saying so. I realise this is the crux of the whole fucking saga
  2. Wilson

    Takeover Thread

    Their interest is still there, just giving the shit show a wide berth.
  3. Wilson

    Takeover Thread

    Someone posted this earlier https://www.catribunal.org.uk/sites/default/files/2021-05/1402_St_James_Summary_060521.pdf I might be interpreting it wrong but it suggests that they did make a decision when it says:
  4. #wait....... until friday for my explanation. I for one am on tenterhooks.
  5. Wilson

    Takeover Thread

    Hope it goes through, there is bad blood and everyone hates us. Fuck them all.
  6. It definitely sounds positive to me, then I've got the completely cynical and negative part of me saying it won't happen simply because it's us. Interested to see how it all plays out.... Eventually.
  7. The Claimant seeks: (1) Damages for loss of profit or, alternatively, loss of opportunity. (2) An injunction requiring the Defendant to withdraw the Director Decision and/or to reconsider the same. (3) Interest. (4) Costs. (5) Such further or other relief as the Tribunal considers appropriate The main part basically, he's asking for compensation and for them to either change their decision of the O&DT or at least look into it again.
  8. Yeah and when people sell you actually get a small percentage of the sold coins added to yours. It's a strange one. Was a bit of a piss about, I bought BNB via binance, created a trustwallet, moved the BNB to the trustwallet, swapped it to bnb smartchain, then swapped it for safemoon. That's just off the top of my head, I followed a guide someone put on reddit but I can't find it now. @Klaus
  9. Waiting for doge to drop again then I'll be throwing a few more quid at it. Got some safemoon the other week on trust wallet. Fees are ridiculous to withdraw but just leaving it sat there anyway to see how it goes.
  10. I couldn't give a shite what his motives are if it boosts Doge
  11. Aye i was up the black horse with he bairns last week and it was fairly busy. Drove past the Beamish Park Hotel on the way home and their marquee bit was absolutely rammed. Just for info for anyone, I was up Namaste (used to be the Marquis of Granby) on the road into Sunniside from Lobley Hill, they've got a fully covered terrace area with heaters etc, it's always been lovely scran as well. Would definitely recommend for a few hours.
  12. How is that different to just opening a bar?
  13. Aye, I actually expected places to invest more in it considering the circumstances but apparently not. My mates trying to find somewhere for a few pints before meeting us for food tonight, seems if you don't book a month in advance you're screwed unless you're willing to sit on a wooden table in the rain of course.
  14. Are there actually any decent places to go for a drink with proper cover at the moment?
  15. But...but...Darlow! New page condescending cunt.
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