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  1. Suppose it's worth putting in here that Bruce has confirmed that we will try and get Willock for next season. A further years loan would be my guess as the only legitimate option unless the takeover is secured.
  2. 19th and 22nd are dates for play off semi's. Hopefully I don't have to search for the final date.
  3. The fact that the "big 6" held pre meeting agenda setting discussions with PL representatives is enough to convince me that there's plenty of dirt. Any prior knowledge of the SL would be absolutely damning for any PL official. I get that it remains guesswork but I also enjoy having hope that we might get our club back.
  4. I've switched over to prem match for that reason. Will maybe go back for the last 20 of the Derby match.
  5. No Fulham would have to win 4 remaining games and us not another point.
  6. Besides his goal, the energy Willock has in the middle is the reason we're seeing this performance in the 1st half. ASM has still to create much of significance, if he can step up 2nd half we'll be fine. Here's hoping.
  7. Created some excellent chances in the 1st 20 mins. Could easily be 2 up.
  8. A team with Willock, Almiron, ASM & Wilson in should provide some entertainment and hope. (should).
  9. Yes RTG really got stuck into the potential negative effects of the tax case.
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