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  1. You sure you weren’t in Singapore? It's a myth that you will get fined for all sorts of things in Singapore. People jaywalk here all the time and no one blinks an eye.
  2. LRD

    Comic Books/Movies/TV

    Went for the head. Good kid.
  3. Amazingly at the other spectrum, Atalanta drew 0-0 with Empoli last season despite 47 shots (18 on target).
  4. Ah trust me not to read properly. Google says Fulham in a 1-1 draw with Villa. They scored thru a Delph o.g.
  5. If a feeble attempt from midfield even counts as a shot, doubt you will be hard pressed to find a game like that in the professional game.
  6. Brighton game was also zero SoT iirc.
  7. Didn't we do it against Spurs?
  8. That's not offside man. Would have been a great way to end the game too.
  9. Along with Kompany, they were more integral to Man City than most of the other big-money signings.
  10. LRD

    Football Manager 2021

    Had to sell 99-rated Zanetti after he draws 120k per week. Next highest is Shearer at 45k. Edit: To Wimbledon.
  11. LRD

    Football Manager 2021

    Have Shearer, Ronaldo, Henry, Totti heading my attack. Had Bergkamp and sold him due to the crowded numbers and he went to score 60 goals. Irritated by Man Utd dominating. Went out and bought Schmeichel before selling him off the next season. Both Man U's current GKs have ratings of 68 each. GK: James, Julio Cesar DF: Nesta, Zanetti, Ayala, Stam, Ferdinand, Gallas MF: Vieira, Makelele, Overmars, Zenden, Davides, Cambiasso, Lampard FW: Shearer, Ronaldo, Henry, Totti, Kanu Ronaldo has poor conditions every other match...
  12. What's stopping players from aiming for hands/ arms in the penalty box now?
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