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  1. Aiston

    Joe Willock

    He can call us what he wants if he keep scoring
  2. He's been quality since he came back into the side.
  3. Easily our best keeper, one of the best in the league.
  4. Aiston

    Joe Willock

    An absolute no brainer if we get the chance to sign him.
  5. Wonder if this will finally be the kick up the arse Labour needs, to stop taking the North for granted. We all know the answer to that one though.
  6. There is no moving forward from the Super league until the chairmen/ owners of those clubs are removed. They will just try again in a few years for it.
  7. Oh god, he nearly passed to the Liverpool forwards a few minutes later
  8. Clark's header gifting a goal to Salah
  9. Well, we won our last game so cannot possibly change anything in the line-up, it's perfect because we won.... Stupid cunt Bruce.
  10. Don't all get so excited again for a takeover that likely won't happen.
  11. He's been quality since he came back in the side. Defensively always going to be a bit suspect of course, but no big mistakes and he's getting assists, he is a class above Lewis.
  12. Aiston


    Had some involvement in all goals today. Hopefully can continue doing so, doubt it mind.
  13. 3-2 win and likely staying up now and I'm still just pissed off at that 2nd half, that was horrific. Bruce is a useless coward.
  14. Aiston

    Joe Willock

    Another goal for him. Another huge bit of praise from Sky to Bruce for bringing him on.
  15. Cost us 5 or 6 goals this season. He's a complete liability.
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