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  1. Was really hoping he was going to come out and say, after a performance like that, they don't want the season to end. This following his recent comments on wanting the season over. Which no one in the media would pull him up on.
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    Lush in town mind.
  3. So is Bonnie giving those items away for free or is she profiting from children with learning difficulties?
  4. Battlefield 5 It's your typical Battlefield game. Plenty of "Battlefield moments" followed by rage quiting after losing 5 games in a row.
  5. That's someone's mother you're talking about.
  6. Just read about Alex, Brad and Vinny leaving Giant Bomb. It's been coming for years but surely that's now the end of Giant Bomb.
  7. Used to happen all the time with my PS4. From my extensive research, I narrowed the reason down being, a ghost turning it on.
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    As if you're only experiencing this now. Can you not remember this time last year when it was one way systems round the supermarket yet that didn't apply to 5G Barry in his quest for the last packet of pasta.
  9. Mortal Kombat Absolute garbage. Still highly recommend it though.
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