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  1. Fucking love to see the scoreline in the Arsenal game.
  2. Oh it's bent as fuck but he gave his landlord at the local a contract too. He's not exactly being subtle but they have engineered the legislation to facilitate this.
  3. I think it is under all that Covid legislation removed need to tender etc.
  4. Oh look another dodgy deal. Cunts.
  5. Si


    I thought asymptomatic people spreading it was a massive factor in how Covid had spread like.
  6. Edit: at Jill wanting to scream cunt at a kid.
  7. He was on Adam Buxton podcast the other week and came across really well saw a different side to him.
  8. Si

    Daft Questions Thread

    I'd watch a Mikeneto/Falling Down style origin movie in the MCU.
  9. Si

    What mood are you in?

    Ah man that's a really tough situation mate. There will be others in here who can give better advice, it's hard to help someone who isn't ready for it. Stay strong and look after yourself, and do what you need to do for your own mental health.
  10. Si

    Daft Questions Thread

    You two would make a really shit Magneto Those magnet fishing vids on YouTube do sell the idea though.
  11. Absolute cunts, it's mental how this isn't being dealt with. It's depressingly routine.
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