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  1. Aye, one of the lads I was playing with was using Valk but we didn't use the ult for dropping on teams aggressively. It was useful for rotations and getting out of situations where we were stuck in the middle of a few squads, which was how we used it most. Glad she seems like a usable legend anyway, Fuse was just shit last season
  2. I've not tried Valk yet but gave Loba a go now that her alt is fixed and buffed; she's pretty fun now. Managed to get a couple of wins and a 2k with her too
  3. It came from a quote from Daniel Klein, one of the devs. https://www.thegamer.com/apex-legends-season-9-removes-white-loot/
  4. Everyone will drop with a common shield, helmet, knockdown, 2 cells and 2 syringes next season, similar to the locked and loaded event. I'm a fan of this
  5. I managed to get to diamond solo this season but I usually drop out mid plat for the same reason. Can't see them ever adding in solo-queue ranked though. I'm looking forward to the new arena mode though, I think that's getting a separate ranked queue too isn't it?
  6. 3 homers for JD today. You love to see it
  7. Had £10 E/W on Minella Times, so decent return on that. Also had £5 E/W on Talkischeap who did fuck all
  8. Had a 2930 damage game with Horizon tonight, so close to getting the 3k badge with her. The last enemy had a gold knockdown too, if my mate had let me finish her rather than him doing the finisher I'd have had it but I hadn't realised how close to the 3k I was to call it
  9. Hammerpoints Mozam is so fun
  10. Don't care, Tanner Houck is a king
  11. Slow start for your guys today Cuba Such a shame to see the Yankees lose
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