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  1. Doubt R.E.M. will ever get back together, they did things properly in terms of sharing the songwriting royalties etc, so none of them need the money. Aye, maybe one day for a benefit gig or something? They were always a proper band for me the minute I started getting into them (early 90s along with Nirvana (found their music first)), in it for the music the most and to a man they all seem like top people with no real egos or their own self interests to ruin any music legacy. Again Stipe is up there with Kurt and Keegan as idols of mine. They all got me through some tough times as a
  2. Thought it was some of the best stuff we played all season - midfield ran out of legs at about 70mins plus Delph came on and we struggled to keep any momentum
  3. I think Hayden was referring to the kamikaze high press which Brighton were passing their way through with consumate ease.
  4. Wouldn't surprise me if they shifted their focus to Monk - there is no chance they are gonna pay up for Bruce
  5. If he had solely gone for Bruce I can see he may have viewed it as a Keeganesque type appointment whereby he can placate the thick Geordies with 'one their own' but when it's apparent allardyce was in the mix it just reeks of utter desperation . Its just the complete lack of anybody at the club who has any knowledge or interest in football that amazes me. Clubs like Leeds, southampton, wolves etc have appointed managers that show it can be done.
  6. The total lack of strategy is staggering - they have had months to prepare for Rafa's potential exit and yet the only names they can come up with are the same old failures on the management merry go round. I find it hard to believe a supposedly good businessman would run a multi million pound company with this level of ineptitude and lack of imagination.
  7. First signing Carroll - stadium packed for the return of the prodigal
  8. The Merse

    Jacob Murphy

    Shirt looks like it may be too heavy for him - different clubs suit different players
  9. Got a cracking pass on him and when he got his head up in the second half he looked like he can be dangerous offensively. Actually thought the centre midfield did pretty well but the glaring weaknesses elsewhere was the diifference between a loss and a draw.
  10. If Ferdinand isn't the absolute definition of a bloke with an agenda I am not sure what is
  11. The Merse

    Jacob Murphy

    True - craziest thing he wasn't even the worst sub today
  12. The Merse

    Jacob Murphy

    Looks like he has no confidence at all - needs to get regular football like his brother but we are in no position to carry him
  13. The only thing I can question Rafa for is the atsu sub - weird to keep faith with him when he has done nothing since he has been here and was incredibly bad today
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