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  1. They must have some good shit on the PL for it to go this far and couldn't imagine Ashley pushing it without being very optimistic, plus the cost of it all. I'm more positive about this now than I have been in ages. It'll be the only time I back Ashley though😁
  2. There's also the fact that the PL told the Government to expect an announcement very soon (or words to that effect) of our pending takeover and then nothing. What happened in those few hours to change things. It had to be interference from an outside source so they could use that against the PL aswell
  3. It's you that needs to get a grip. The thread is inevitably going to be locked again and all because you can't let people be positive about something. I'm hardly positive myself that the takeover is going to happen but there's no need for me to keep coming in this thread to piss on other people's chips. I come here to hear people's opinion whether right or wrong. I can take it or leave it, which obviously you can't
  4. Yeah same. I was just hoping we'd stay up so there might still be a chance of the takeover. It's my only hope. After this season I'll find something else to waste my time on
  5. I'm definitely finished following this club if Bruce is still here next season. I'm hardly in it now tbh. I think my head will explode if I've got to listen to that fucktard for another season
  6. Maybe you just don't come in this thread then. Telling people where ti post. What a bellend
  7. I'm just hoping they have got something on the PL and it was a threat to say they'll make it public unless they get their way. Hope it's not just bullshit
  8. That's an insult to bog standard journalists that mind
  9. I won't be happy until Rafa is back to finish what he started. He''ll have to start again thanks to Mr. No Tactics though
  10. I want us to stay up only because I believe the takeover could be in jeopardy if we go down. Not that I'm that positive the takeover will happen anyway but it's more likely if we avoid relegation. I just hope Bruce is shown the door beforehand so he can't take any credit for keeping us up. If we do go down though I don't think I'll be that bothered. Past caring what happens to this club while Ashley is here
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