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  1. It’s worded for clicks.
  2. Must be getting close again if the killer stories are back.
  3. Yep agree. That Hoffman looks like the factor that came into it and stopped it in its tracks.
  4. Aye, totally. It’s good to see a little flurry again.
  5. it’s also funny how some people have to equate absolutely everything that happens to be “not takeover” related too.
  6. Share the tweets matey, that’s what this thread is for
  7. Just can’t get over the venom in it. His fingers must have been throbbing after furiously typing that.
  8. Still won’t stop you lot coming in with your fume.
  9. Ah nice one cheers, not seen that, will give it a go. Yeah it was totally different to anything I have watched before, as in there was nothing to watch really (it had the words up on screen between the callers, but the rest was left to your own imagination as they talked through these scenarios that were mysteriously happening. Made a nice change and was a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be. Each episode was only around 20 minutes long. Would defo recommend it 👍
  10. Just watched a series called “calls” was very different but enjoyable. It’s 9 episodes and it’s all just phone calls about a phenomenon. Not really seen anything like it before. Worth a watch.
  11. Totally agree, he craves attention the sad little cunt that he is. Was even willing to talk utter shite about his kid and Womanchester United just to try and get a couple of likes. He’s desperate as fuck to matter. Non of his shite should be posted on here, just let him rot on his porky best mate.
  12. Can’t even enjoy a victory without this rancid balloon knot popping up to destroy it. Hope his extra portion of apple crumble means his favourite pregnancy pants no longer fit.
  13. I frightened myself with how much I celebrated that second goal. Didn’t think I had that kind of investment left anymore. Feel fucking filthy.
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