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  1. Nah, he was fairly quiet most of the game. Put in some great defensive work though. I would be sad to see him go to be honest, probably best for all parties if it's extended.
  2. We are just being cheapskates...I'm sure it will be extended.
  3. Reminds me very much of Big Sam's early days here - play ugly and win ugly. It's nice to see our defence being effective once again.
  4. After the past 5 years I really don't care about the quality
  5. Scores in his first game; scores in his final game.
  6. 1 goal scored in 6 games. This is what you get for shopping in the bargain bin.
  7. Play utter shit but get the points has been Big Sam's m.o for the past 15 years. Only place it didn't work was with you...
  8. He bagged off a corner. I actually can't remember the last time we scored off one
  9. And, like Heskey, he scores in his debut. Transfer masterclass from Neil Lennon.
  10. Clough, Heskey and now Madine are injured and Clayton just came back from a long-term injury. Believe Shola is on a pay if you play deal.
  11. 90% of that debt to the owner. He wants to sell up and has stopped bankrolling us.
  12. I'm not sure they've got the players to make them effective the Fat Sam way. He struggled here because we didn't have a big team physically, long balls to Owen and Martins was never really a great strategy. And our midfield 3 was devoid of any pace unless emre was playing. Just like theirs will be with Cattermole and Nolan :lol Campo, Hierro, Nolan, Per Frandsen, and a 35-yo Gary Speed were hardly speed merchants.
  13. The best appointment they've made for absolutely ages. That says more about their choice of managers over the past 10-15 years rather than Big Sam's managerial ability though.
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