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  1. Mbappe 2+ SOT and Müller 1+ SOT 4/1.
  2. How did you end up here?
  3. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeagXB2C/
  4. That would be a great signing for the price.
  5. Froggy


    On a school night anarl
  6. Mine is still sitting in the plastic wrapping.
  7. Froggy


    No distancing and barely a mask in sight in that queue. Next spike incoming.
  8. For many people that is their favourite part of the game.
  9. He's fantastic, glad to see he's sorted his head out and he's back to his best.
  10. Completely. Been saying it for a while. He'll be sacked if they don't win the cup.
  11. Bruno is a wee scrote for diving too. I hate this game.
  12. A really well worked goal there and I didn't cheer. Hate VAR with a passion.
  13. Same VAR ref (Poulson) decided this wasn't a foul as well. Also cost us 2 points.
  14. Mourinho and Spurs genuinely sicken me now. Don't forget what Martial was sent off for in the game earlier in the season while Lamela got off with nothing. Two really, really poor VAR decisions which could be the difference in 4-6 points.
  15. He got flicked with a finger and went down like he had been shot to try and con the ref. It worked, which is why the game is fucked forever.
  16. Man United always get these remember.
  17. Henderson must be Ole's #1 now. Surprised to see him start.
  18. He was obsessed about becoming another Pogba. His J-Lingz line took over and his performances on the pitch massively deteriorated to the point where he was no longer average but absolutely terrible. Hopefully he's sorted all of that out, but he's not a top level player either way.
  19. It's grand Neesy. I've only watched him play about 200 odd games for us. Funny enough I defended him on here numerous times. He has talent, but at his best he's a good player, and more often than not he's bang average. 9 games don't define a player.
  20. You're both wrong. He is nowhere near a great player. Nice wee patch for him here though.
  21. So why is ASM not starting? Bruce being a terrible manager or is he just back from injury?
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