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  1. The PL will have to disclose everything relating to the substantive issues in the claim. They can't pick and choose.
  2. If anyone's interested in the procedure of cases like this, look here: https://www.catribunal.org.uk/sites/default/files/2017-11/The_Competition_Appeal_Tribunal_Rules_2015.pdf You'll probably want to look at the sections on the 'fast-track procedure' as well as 'disclosure'. TL;DR, under the fast-track procedure, the main substantive hearing is supposed to be within 6 months of the court deciding to put the case on the fast-track procedure. Disclosure happens early on and will include all documentation relevant to the substantive issues in the case. The play here, I guess, is to
  3. Bear in mind that even if we win the arbitration proceedings, that doesn't mean the O&D test will be passed. The arbitrators may rule that we win on a procedural point, for example the PL didn't following process X, and thus the test should be conducted again. The test can be conducted again and still be rejected...
  4. I do miss the takeover threads. Where else am I supposed to learn about De Marco's bread-making schedule?
  5. I still don't understand who "Keith" from NCSL actually is.
  6. Aye I wish they'd say nowt until there's something to say.
  7. It's worth remembering that under English law "fruit of the poisonous tree" is not necessary inadmissible, especially if it is material to a fact in dispute.
  8. Nick de Marco knows what he's doing man
  9. Not unless it provided for it in the contract.
  10. In terms of keeping Liverpool out of the Champions League, I'd rather Chelsea won.
  11. They can, but they are unlikely to because of the knock-on impact on confidence in investing in British companies due to lack of respect for "property rights".
  12. I hate to say it but Edwards is probably right.
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