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  1. Yeah I usually don't either, no one should have their murder broadcast like that.
  2. Video is brutal. This weekend is going to suck.
  3. a crown prince every major western country bows to and the UK PM couldn't even get our takeover approved. what the fuck man
  4. Not sure how widespread Steak and Shake is but that's much better for a similar price. Smashburger is definitely shit, they only lasted a few months here.
  5. This is correct. Every time I've had it I'm disappointed, so many better comparable chains.
  6. Akii Baddoo might be really good but also I wish we could get people on base before he goes up to bat
  7. Nevada at 4 is traumatizing. Arizona getting really lucky that they've got the Grand Canyon, otherwise it's trash.
  8. Think Perch could've been a useful utility player off the bench in a Europa League campaign, but obviously that's not he we used him and we saw way too much of him. Also even if Riviere made one appearance it would've been too much. Colback Ryan and Steven Taylor Obertan etc.
  9. JD Martinez surely? Using the Boston avatar as a context clue I think I'm right.
  10. Tomorrow Chicago PD is supposed to release video of them shooting and killing a 13-year old. Couple that with what happened in Minnesota and it could be a wild week.
  11. Going to extend the TAA/England discourse for another week.
  12. incredible gif use but I do agree with baba. It's our lowest scoring, most tactical sport with 160+ games. Give us some goddamn ties.
  13. listened to about half of it after finding it and had the same feeling. It's physically painful.
  14. For the kickoff of our 2-1 win against Arsenal at SJP a few years ago Arlo White for NBC did the most overwrought, painful Game of Thrones analogy possible. Went on for about a full minute, maybe longer. I think they took the youtube video down, but I still think about it. Edit: Nvm it was our 3-2 loss to Liverpool, the other game I went to which caused the confusion. Here it is, definitely Arlo White and not Peter Drury, too
  15. It looks like Orlando can recall him whenever so not sure if they plan to do that by opening day. Kind of a weird situation. Can't remember a young MLS player going on loan in Europe and succeeding like this.
  16. Dike with a brace for Barnsley
  17. Ameritoon


    Not that it would ever be something they'd institute here, but I wouldn't be against some sort of verification from convert venues/stadiums to get into a show/game for the foreseeable future. Doubt that even happens but think at least it would be a good idea to jumpstart international tourism as much as possible right now.
  18. Had a feeling Cabrera would hit a home run in his first at bat and he did it in a blizzard.
  19. Truly a stunning night from Gaetz. I knew he had it in him but didn't know it would be so soon
  20. It honestly feels like best case scenario considering how shit it could've been.
  21. Ameritoon


    It's possible this is because the sun has barely come out in a week, but since I got the pfizer shot I've slept 9+ hours each night. Usually I get 7 1/2, takes me hours to fully wake up before I crash again the afternoon. Dreams have been extra wild, too.
  22. Ameritoon


    Hell yeah, welcome to the club. Although in a post-vaccine world I'm absolutely proposing a war fought down the lines of which vaccine you got. Pfizer gang rise up
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