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  1. All criticism is lumped in the same as each other. No any grounds for some of it just ‘blah blah blah’ and nods from the golf pals
  2. Labour missed a massive trick with Brexit -admittedly in hindsight. Businesses and employers by and large coming out and talking about protecting jobs and pensions almost universally bar a few notable exceptions and instead of playing up the facts re: immigration law not being applied by government - they could have projected themselves as the party of both business and the working man beyond the unions. Whether that would have mitigated the cult of personality and client print media to the required extent is hard to say but the blood letting and in-fighting re: AS and cults of personality wit
  3. Yeah he’s now my regional mayor @cambridgemagpie on Twitter - nhs Doctor by the looks
  4. I honestly think Charnley is actually a series of clones cultivated for such ritual sacrifice...no two Lees are the same Lee. Fuck else is he for?
  5. Wondered why it took so long.
  6. This season has been rotten inside and outside NUFC - for football at large I don't know how anyone could spin it. 14 also-rans Vs the 6's ESL. Bruce changing the target goalposts. His throwing of players under the bus, the BLM/online discourse and Bruce hijacking it to make himself look the victim. NUFC a one/two man team. Fake fan noise. Demonising fans online. Horrendous winless streaks. Multiple clubs abusing the furlough including NUFC. The PL blocking the takeover. The discourse surrounding the takeover. Fans having to argue of the ethics of it all whilst Sky pontificate. Stories about t
  7. I hear these arguments. What do you actually want to happen?
  8. Whilst I don’t disagree entirely, this idea that you can only protest when nothing is at stake neuters the entire concept somewhat. A level of sacrifice is necessary. People seem to want to only be involved with things easy, quick and in line with their match day routine. Almost everything has been tried along those lines. Not that a protest is even happening.
  9. It’s almost as if actual functioning forums don’t operate as echo chambers.
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