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  1. Getting confused here So is Manorpark, Whitley and Keith the same person then? Doesn't make much difference to me as I quite them them all as they/he wants exactly the same as I do but it'd still be good to know.
  2. Can't argue it's been some turnaround but the idea of a form table is comparison. And surely for a true comparison everyone has to have played the same amount of fixtures or it's not really a form table.
  3. Fulham Will pip us on the final day. Maja will be the man to relegate us. The mackems have been promising us this for weeks.
  4. Hardly a proper form table when we've played 6 and other teams have only played 4. It's usually last 6 games for everyone, unless it's been drafted up by Steve Bruce because he can spin anything.
  5. I was at Blackburn. The bus journey back home was horrendous. At every away match I've ever been to (prob around 200) the crack on the bus home has always been superb, win, lose or draw. That game was the one exception. Everyone just sat in stunned silence the entire 3 hours home.
  6. Same here. Trying to cram that into half an hour, minus the adverts, was pointless really.
  7. Funnily enough I thought that about Arsenal on Sunday! (replace Final with Semi).
  8. Aye that was the game where Sky christened us "The Entertainers". We beat them 3-1 (Cole 2, Beardsley) on Monday night Football. Think the stats were something daft like 28 shots to 1. It was also our crowd that got the attention that night. 4,000 fans behind the goal and they were deafening. You could tell Sky had seen nowt like it as their cameras were constantly panning across to the away end. We really did have a team and a fanbase to be proud of back then.
  9. My first say on the subject. If the PL refuse to punish their "big six" the other 14 teams should grow some balls and point blank refuse to sell tickets for games against them. Reduce season ticket prices to account for it and also have no general sale for these games. Yes give them their 3k tickets in the away end (PL rules) but 3k Man Utd fans up in level 7 by themselves won't add anything to the spectacle for the TV audience. Refuse away tickets for the 6 venues as well. Yes it'll cost them money in gate receipts but I'm sick of talking about money and football, especially top l
  10. Get rid of agents. They take a ridiculous amount of money out of the game. Players to negotiate their own contracts with the manager, like how it used to be. They can bring their parents along to help them get a better deal if they want.
  11. Great work; our standard season ticket prices are higher than every other club, outwith Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs, Man Utd and Liverpool. The fixture scheduling; how many Monday night away matches in a row for NUFC? St James' Park; well the less said about that the better, but basically it's a shithole, inside and out.
  12. This is why Burnsie should never be taken seriously. Just look at the state of this man!
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