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  1. Some lass. Bet on based on no knowledge other than her being on it.
  2. Great scenes for the VAR ultras.
  3. Would prefer this but nee chance. Majority continue to gush for owt Royal.
  4. I was getting grief of wor lass for making light of this. She'll be joining the IRA if they're binning off corrie toneet.
  5. Outside those I agree with? No, I shouldn't think so.
  6. Shan that, thought his snuff would be a guaranteed holiday.
  7. Standard ridiculous circus owa nowt. Made some harmless Easter video to please the bible bashers and been forced into an apology by the desperate to be offended mob. So pointless.
  8. Much easier to be negative than bother your arse to do anything yourself. Think its a cracking idea, even if it comes to nowt. Will be getting involved.
  9. Definitely looks like the charvers of NI need something else to occupy their time. They not got tac owa there?
  10. Vile. Yet on the rare occasion VAR could actually be beneficial it offers nowt. Game well deed.
  11. Norwich playing the best football of the night. Glorious stuff.
  12. Hideous. The state of Tynemouth on some of the images. Is it generally that bad on a busy hot day or has everyone turned into bellends over lockdown? Hang them with the peodo's.
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