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  1. After yesterday I fist-pumped when I saw you score two on a row. Please stay up.
  2. Gonna form a killer partnership with Mevlut Erdinc
  3. Thanks, I appreciate it. Imagine if we lose the Copa final too...
  4. If we win the Clásico I think we will, but we have yet to win a game against a top team this season (lost/drew to PSG, Atlético, and Real... only had a win against Juve, which aren't particularly good this season either).
  5. I hope they enjoy their two weeks as Copa del Rey champions! Man, what a weird time.
  6. Somebody was inquiring about Fati's health the other day... he's now confirmed to go under the knife for a third (!) time. Likely to miss the rest of the season and the Euro. Poor lad. No way this doesn't affect his career.
  7. So, our FA is always looking for new ways of ruining Spanish football.
  8. His recovery from the knee surgery wasn't going well, and he's had to go under the knife again. So now he'll take the whole season off instead of just 4 months. I'm quite worried, to be frank. Club maintains they are taking a careful approach and that he should come back strong.
  9. I've greatly enjoyed all the kids coming through this season. Moriba has awesome confidence for his age and role. Plus he always bailed out my FM saves. It wouldn't suprise me if Dembele gets sold in the summer though, he hasn't resigned and he will just have one year left. Pity, since he seems to finally be starting to realize his potential.
  10. I'm old and I hate change. (it looks great)
  11. Lee f***ing Ryder ladies and gentlemen. That to me reads "I know shit so I'll be noncommittal and then I can claim to be right whatever happens down the road".
  12. I can't see the club lining up a replacement in 48 hours that's not an afterthought, so I'd rather keep him. 15m doesn't really buy you much nowadays, anyway.
  13. He's scoring the goals I thought Mitro would be scoring at this level. I'll take it.
  14. Cádiz have officially raised a complain in front of the FA.
  15. La Liga is going through the process of selling the several TV packages for the next 3 years (instead of a big single TV contract, La Liga has broken up the rights into 6 different packages). Right now it's looking like it will close deals for around €1600 million/year. In the 2014-2015 season, the last one without collective bargaining, TV contracts earned "only" €800 million.
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